API documentation

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The Addo API documentation describes Visma Addo web service and explains how to integrate with it. The integration to Visma Addo is via Rest API. SOAP can be offered.   If desired, a developer resource can be contacted if you have questions or need help with the API integratio... Read Article

Postman examples

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To help test your demo API, we have provided a postman account.   It is continuously updated when we improve our API and therefore the latest content will also appear in it.   The link to Postman can be found Here Read Article

Test account for API

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Visma Addo provides a free test account if it is to be used to integrate with the API. This takes place in our demo environment and we provide virtually as many credits as you need to perform the tests needed to integrate with our API.   You can create a free demo account here... Read Article

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