The safety and Legal value of digital signatures

Visma Addo Data Deletion Policy

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  All customer data in Addo is deleted 12 month after the account becomes inactive or the customer has terminated the subscription according to the subscription terms. An account is active when it has a non-terminated subscription or it contains credits witch purchase date is ... Read Article

Standard, Advanced and Qualified electronic signatures

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SES (Standard / simple electronic signature). An SES signature is described as the standard signature format. An SES signature covers a signature that you "draw" on your computer screen, a scanned image of a handwritten signature or an "approve" button, respectively. An SES si... Read Article

TLS encryption

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Visma Addo employs "forced TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption". TLS ensures a safe and encrypted connection when using Addo to send email to your recipients.    When you add a signer in Visma Addo, an automatic TLS check is performed on the signer's e-mail address. This... Read Article

Data communication

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This diagram shows the different components of Visma Addo and how they communicate. The main components are hosted inside Itadel, where they run in a closed environment.     Communication from Itadel All communication from Itadel to external parties is encrypted using X.509 ... Read Article

Security and Accessibility

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Visma Addo has established processes, methods and technologies and embraced proven standards to ensure security and accessibility for our customers. The nature of threats is constantly changing, so security awareness is a natural part of our development process, and we constan... Read Article

Validity of the signature

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This article will illustrate how valid and recognised digital signatures are. In Visma Addo we are compliant with legal requirements. Legal Effect of Digital Signatures Digital signatures use a certificate-based digital ID to authenticate signer identity and demonstrate proof ... Read Article

Your safety when signing digitally with Visma Addo

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In Visma Addo our first priority is security. People choose digital signatures for being the most secure type of electronic signature, thus digital signatures differ from a normal signature because digital signatures provide you with the highest level of assurance about the si... Read Article

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