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I cannot sign with Swedish BankID

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We have recently experienced issues with customers trying to sign and authenticate documents with Swedish BankID when using the Microsoft Edge-Chromium-browser. They typically experience the following: The reason for these issues is the configuration for Microsoft Edge is bui... Read Article

"Some PDF filer are invalid or protected therefore cannot be signed."

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Visma Addo does not have the ability to send password-protected, defective or editable PDFs. This short guide will show you how to convert one of your documents to the correct format so that it can be submitted for signature. If you have seen the screenshot below, it means tha... Read Article

"Login with password is disabled for this account"

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This error message occurs when trying to log in to your Visma Addo account with username and password.     "login with password is disabled for this account" is an error message that occurs when you have previously logged in with Visma Connect or Azure AD.   Visma Connect: If... Read Article

"Please wait..." on signed document

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When a document is signed and returned with a text that says "please wait..." this usually means that it is an editable PDF and therefore Visma Addo does not have the opportunity to read the content.   When you are greeted by the above image on your signed document, do not wa... Read Article

How do I Resolve the "At least one signature has problems" error in Adobe Reader?

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If the error "At least one signature has problems" appears in Adobe Reader it means that the security certificate Visma Addo is using is not added as a trusted identity in your Adobe. Depending on the device you are using, Adobe Reader version etc., there may be different... Read Article

Have the transactionID ready

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When you reach out to the Addo Support Team, either via in Zendesk or by sending an email to: addo@visma.com. The support team will often ask for a transactionID, to find the specific transaction you are referring to.       You will find the transaction ID, if you:  Go to th... Read Article

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