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Addo Print driver - How to update

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We have updated the Visma Addo Print driver. Visma Addo has updated the security around the Visma Addo Print driver, which means you need to have a new version installed. The new version allows your IT department to install the Print Driver on your computer without you being a... Read Article

Addo Print driver - Download

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By downloading and installing Visma Addo Print, you can send documents for signing directly from your Microsoft Office applications eg. Word powerpoint and like. You will have corresponding functionality using Visma Addo Print as you have on the Visma Addo Web signing service.... Read Article

Addo Print driver - How to send from Microsoft Office

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This ex. is from Word, but the feature works the same way using Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint etc.  Send document from Microsoft Word     If you want to send documents directly from Microsoft Word, here is how to do it: (if you havn't downloaded Addo Print Click here) Open the ... Read Article

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