Global Security Standards

PDF formats

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Visma Addo supports the most common PDF formats and does not convert it to another format after signing.   Visma Addo retains the same PDF format that you send with If you send a document for signature and therefore upload a PDF document, the PDF documents will be sent to the ... Read Article

Trusted Service Providers

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All EU Member States have a obligation to create, maintain and publish trusted lists of "Trusted Service Providers (TSPs") and the qualified services provided by them. Pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 910/2014 / EU (eIDAS Regulation), the "Trusted Service Providers List" has a c... Read Article

ISO 27001

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ISO27001 is the international standard that specifies specifications for an information security management system (ISMS). The approach helps organizations manage their IT security, by addressing people and processes as well as technology. Certification to this standard is rec... Read Article

ISAE 3402 report

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An audit of the type ISAE 3402 documents proper IT conditions at a company and serves as proof that the company complies with legal requirements and good IT practice.   Some companies get an ISAE 3402 made due to requirements from customers and partners; others get them to sen... Read Article

ISAE 3000 report

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An audit on compliance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an ISAE 3000, is the result of a review to assess whether the company complies with the Data Protection Regulation. The reason for having an ISAE 3000 GDPR made in relation to the Data Protection Regulation may... Read Article

PAdES standard

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PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) is a standard for contractually binding documents which was published in July 2009 by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standard Institute) with the aim of facilitating secure paperless transactions through Europe. The PADES standard ... Read Article

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