Release notes

Release note 11.01.2021

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New features: Azure AD: you can now choose to filter which groups are imported Azure AD: you can choose whether "unknown" users are created in Addo. That is, to be created in Addo, one must be bound to Addo tenant in Azure. SigningToken now appears on the transaction overview... Read Article

Release note 30.12.2020

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New features:   Top navigation changed to Nordic Cool 4 Web sessions are now stored in the database so that failover works Web sessions are deleted when the system logs off It is now possible to delete users in Addo even if the Azure AD integration has been activated BCC is n... Read Article

Release note 14.12.2020

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New features: Reordering templates - It is now possible to sort templates using drag'n'drop in the list of your templates Resend notifications mechanism in Addo Server - If an error occurs when the notification for a transaction is being sent, this will be queued and attempte... Read Article

Release notes (30.11.2020)

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New features   Distribution documents refactoring Performance upgrade due to cache of signed documents (Especially for API customers) Split event table Internal performance upgrade Additional signer on Forms It is now possible to add an additional signer to a ... Read Article

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