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Visma HR - how to integrate

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First, it is important that a connection have been set up between Visma Addo and Visma HR. This is under Settings --> Integrations, after which Visma HR is selected. You will then be asked to fill in the following information:   NOTE! Please note that the numbers in Username ... Read Article

Visma HR - how to send

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First and foremost, it is important that a setup has been made of the connection between Visma Addo to Visma HR. Learn more here:   How to send A category is created under the document folder with the same name as the one written under "document category" above.   When naming ... Read Article


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If you use Easycruit as a recruitment system, it is possible to create various contracts in the system.   To create contracts in Easycruit, you must do the following: Go to settings and select contracts (see picture):   Below are examples of employment contracts: To use thes... Read Article

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