Safecloud - Integration

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With SafeCloud integration, you are able to distribute documents directly in the signer's SafeCloud and / or have the option of having the final signed document delivered to your own SafeCloud. Note: Before you can use SafeCloud, you must sign up for Safecloud via this link. T... Read Article

SafeCloud - Distributing a document

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How to deliver transactions/documents to the signers SafeCloud Once you've set up the integration, you then have two options when delivering with SafeCloud to the signer: The first option is to have all notifications (invitation message, reminder messages) delivered to the rec... Read Article

Get signed documents delivered to your SafeCloud

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How to get signed documents delivered to your own SafeCloud Once you've set up the integration to SafeCloud, and want to have the signed documents delivered to your SafeCloud, you'll need to enable this in the specific signing templates that should use this integration. 1. Cre... Read Article

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