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Delete your account

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If you want to terminate your agreement with Addo and delete your account, this can be done by contacting our support at addo@visma.com.   We have options for shutting down your account; we can either deactivate it, that way the holder we all information and the account can re... Read Article

Import contacts

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In the Address book, you can use the function 'Import contacts' to import many contacts at once.First, you need to create a CSV file with the contact information you want to import.You can create your own CSV file and follow the format below or you can download the 'ImportCont... Read Article

Distribution Settings

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Choose how signed documents should be sent to your company. You will find the distribution settings if you:  Click on Account setting in the top right menu and the Select Document distribution in the menu to the left. On your right, you can change the settings. Select how th... Read Article

Security settings

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Security setting The security settings provide you with options on how the password requirements for a document should be. To access the security settings you: Click on Account setting in the top right menu and select Security in the menu to the left.  At the right, you can c... Read Article

Design settings

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Give your customers the full experience. Upload your company logo, and choose a company color   Note: Only the administrators of your account have permissions to edit the design settings.   Do as Lindberg Logistics AB in Sweden, upload your own company logo to Visma Addo, and ... Read Article

Buy Credits

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Buying Credits It is easy to buy Visma Addo credits. You can choose between 50, 100, 200, 500, 2000 or 5000 credits, or choose another amount. If you are in doubt about how many credits to buy. Note: Only the administrators of your account have permission to buy credits to you... Read Article

Invoice Overview

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Using Visma Addo, you will need to purchase credits concurrently with your requesting of signatures. Whether you manually add credits to your balance or have an automatic top-up agreement, you will receive an invoice each time you make a purchase. Your invoices is shown in the... Read Article


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In settings, you may have noticed the tab called ”Sub-accounts”. But what is a sub-account? A sub-account can be created so you have the main account and then sub-accounts that use the credits from the main account. That means the sub-accounts don't have to worry about buying ... Read Article

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