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CPR-validation is "spinning"

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14.04.2021 08:30 - We have discovered that CPR validation simply "spins" when you try to identify your own identity. This has been reported internally and we have started troubleshooting.There will be a new update on the issue at 11:00   14.04.2021 11:00 - Troubleshooting is s... Read Article

Solved - Transactions that have the status "distribution"

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Solved.We are experiencing challenges with transactions that have the status "distribution". This is a status between signed and completed when the transaction has been signed and Addo is distributing the documents. We are working to get it resolved as soon as possible so that... Read Article

Documents with status "signing failed"

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We have noticed that our customers send larger and larger documents through Visma Addo and this of course, has an impact on how the experience with our platform is. The size of the documents signed through Visma Addo can "fail" in the distribution, if the file size is too larg... Read Article

SOLVED - Visma Addo crash

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Unfortunately, we are experiencing a crash on Visma Addo that is preventing users from logging in. We are aware of the problem and are working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We will continuously update here on the site.    Update 12:15: The problem is now sol... Read Article

Solved - Swedish translations doesn't work after the release yesterday

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The issue with Swedish translations is now solved.   If you have chosen the standard language to be Swedish, you will find that the translation codes will appear, instead of an explanatory or descriptive wording. The challenges arose after our release 08.03.2021 around 17: 00-... Read Article

Resolved - Nets is currently experiencing issues with E-signing

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08.03.2021 08:30 - e-Signing which have been sent from friday till this morning may still be corrupted but Nets e-Signing service is running fully oprerational from today.  If you experience an error with a signing today, please initiate a new one, as this may solve the issue ... Read Article

Solved - Issues with payment with 3DSecure enabled

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10.03.2021 - The issues with 3D Secure payments have now been resolved.   We’ve seen more customer experiencing issues regarding payment in Visma Addo.This is because our payment distributor is having some issues regarding 3DSecure, which have been implemented by EU law. (An E... Read Article

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