Signing overview

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The signing overview is the first you see when you sign in. The Signing overview provides a complete list of all documents sent for signing and their current status. If a document to be signed by multiple signers, it will appear as a single signing.   Note! All signed do... Read Article

Transaction status

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The signing overview provides us with the status of the signings sent from your account. Below we will explain the 10 different status you can experience in Visma Addo.      Created The status 'Created' is set when you are using a web service (an integration), where one can c... Read Article

Transaction details

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In addition to the information displayed in the signing overview, each signing can be opened for more information. When you select a transaction in the overview, a pop-up will show all the registered information and data about the specific signing.   If the signing is Started ... Read Article

Reactivate transaction

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If a signer has not signed the document before it expires, you can reactivate the signing.Note! You are not able to reactivate if the transaction expired more than 10 days ago.  Select the expired signing in signing overview. If the signing has mu... Read Article

Copy a transaction

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It is possible to copy a transaction and resend it - even if you're not the person who has created and sent it in the first place. This feature is to be found in your Overview, and by selecting the transaction you wish to copy you find a button called Copy Transaction.     Wh... Read Article

Download a CSV File of All Transactions

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You can download a CSV file of all the transactions sent from your account via your Overview page. At the bottom of the site, you are able to set the period from which you want to extract. First, you should set the period you wish to extract data from. Note: The period set a... Read Article

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