Send a document for signing

Messaging to the Signers

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In this guide, we will take a look at the messaging options available when sending documents for signing, and also review how to edit these messages.  The different messages on this page (see screenshot below) are taken from the template, you are using. If you have not changed... Read Article

Multiple signers

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Some documents require signatures from multiple people. This guide will show you how to easily send documents for signing with multiple signers.   Add Multiple Signers After starting a new signing, continuing to the first tab Signers and Documents where you can add the signers... Read Article

Approve All Attachments at Once

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With Visma Addo the signer can approve all attachments at once if the sender has chosen this functionality.    To add the functionality of approving all attachments at once, you have to: Click on add signer. Enter the information on the signer.  Check the can approve all at... Read Article

Document File Size

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Visma Addo supports documents up to 10 MB per file.You can have multiple files on the same transaction, that together exceed 10 MB. The files can't be over a total of 20 MB But you can not have a single file that exceeds 10 MB, as shown below.   Read Article

Simple questions guide

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In Visma Addo it is possible to collect data from your recipients by using the function “Add a simple question”. When a document is sent for signing your recipient will be able to fill out the questions after signing the document and the answers are sent in a separate email.  ... Read Article

Password on signer’s signed copy

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For added security, it will be possible to select a password on the document of recipients' copy. This feature will lock the signed document with a password (select one of the three options) once the recipient has downloaded the document to their own device. Read Article

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