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Addo ABC - Get to know Addo!

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Time to get you started!    Visma Addo has a whole lot of exciting features, which you can find information about on this page. Let’s just start with the first. When you log in to Addo, it will look like this: "Send" means that you as the sender are greeted by some of Addo's f... Read Article

Welcome to Addo - The first steps

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Congratulations on being able to make your processes and signatures more efficient and automated from now on. Less manual work for you! Let us set up your Addo account so that it best reflects your business and you can start using all the smart features.   First things first -... Read Article

Edit in an ongoing transaction

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It is always possible to edit an ongoing transaction if the person has not signed the document. It is also possible to change in an ongoing transaction with several signatories if the person / persons have not signed. Just click on the person where you want to make changes (se... Read Article

Send Document to Signing

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  In this guide, you will be presented to all the features when sending a document for signing. The signing is divided into two tabs: Signers and documents & Messages to signers. The functionality of these tabs will be explained below.   Signers and documents   Tem... Read Article

Follow the signing process on the overview page

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The first you see when you log on to Visma Addo is the Overview Page. This overview provides you with a complete list of all documents sent for signing and their current status. Here, you also have the possibility to extract your data in a CSV format. Simply, by choosin... Read Article

Signing with Addo

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Did you receive one or more documents that you have to sign using Visma Addo? Then the following is the procedure from your point of view.  Immediately after the documents are sent from Visma Addo, you will receive an email in your inbox. The company or the person who has s... Read Article

Authentication Methods

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You can use one of several authentication methods to protect against unauthorized access to your documents. When authentication is used with a transaction, the signer must first identify him- or herself with the chosen method before they are allowed to view and sign the docum... Read Article

Signing methods

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Visma Addo supports several signing methods. In this guide, the different methods are summarized and explained.   You will find the signing method setting under Add signer and Additional settings.   Ok button A recipient may approve a document with a simple "OK". This can be... Read Article

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