Group and user administration


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In this guide, we will explain how to use the address book and how to add and manage your contacts. By saving contacts in the address book you avoid adding contact information every time you have to request a signature from a contact in the address book. By using the add... Read Article

Create and Manage Users on Your Account

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As a company, you may need to create multiple users to your account. This guide will guide you through creating and managing the users attached to your account in Visma Addo. Note: Only an administrator of a Visma Addo can add and manage other users.  Creatin... Read Article

Creating groups

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You can create and assign users to groups in Visma Addo. A group can have its own templates. As an example, an HR group can contain templates relevant to an HR task as requesting signatures on recruitment contracts. Follow this guide and learn how to set up groups in Vis... Read Article

Addo User Hierarchy

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In this section, we will explain how the user hierarchy in Visma Addo works. The different roles will be explained in bullet points. Roles and features in Visma Addo:  Administrator  An administrator is top of the hierarchy in any Visma Addo account. This type of account has ... Read Article


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Under settings, you may have discovered a tab called “Subaccounts”. But what is a sub account? A sub-account is an account that is attached to a main account,  it uses the same credits that are available on the main account, but it does not have the option to add credits itsel... Read Article

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