What is a template?

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Templates are used to design specifically sending and signing flows with pre-filled settings. Templates are effective in both large and small companies and organizations. For example, imagine that you often send contracts for signature. Each time you add the same attachments, ... Read Article

Creating a new template

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This guide will take you through the steps for creating a new template with a simple signing flow. If you wish to create a new template with an advanced flow you can find the guide here.  Note: It is only the administrators of the account who have permission to create and... Read Article

Template Overview

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You can find the templates under settings and the Templates tab. As an administrator of an account, you can divide the members into groups that belong to different departments (eg Accounting, Sales, Managers). Dividing your account into groups will limit accessability for the ... Read Article

Advanced signingflow

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In this guide you will learn to send documents with the advanced signing flow. The advanced signing flow is used to send groups af document to different groups of signers in the same flow.This can, for example, be used when auditors submit financial statements for approv... Read Article

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