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Visma Addo Form - Multiple signers

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You can choose to add multiple signers to a Form. This is done after the desired Form is selected.. The following screen will appear where "Signers" indicates where multiple signers can be added. It is worth noting that there can only be one respondent (the respondent is the... Read Article

Visma Addo Forms overview

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Create surveys and forms that can be completed and signed digitally.   This is the basic process behind Addo Forms: The form is created as a form template A form-based on that template is sent to a respondent The respondent fills out the form The completed form is turned into... Read Article

Form templates

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Unlike signing templates, Addo Forms does not come with any out-of-the-box templates, since every Form is made to fit unique requirements. To make a template, go to Account settings › Addo Forms   Logo Every Form is given the logo you have set under "Account settings › Design... Read Article

Signing Templates

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Unlike other Addo functionalities, Addo Forms require 2 different templates; one for the Form itself, and one related to the signing method. In this article we will have a look at the latter.   When a Form is created it is required of you to attach a signing template. This is ... Read Article

Create a new Visma Addo Form

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With Addo Forms, you can create an electronic form, which is either sent by e-mail to a recipient or made available via a link. With Forms, you have the option to collect information, get signatures, send out questionnaires and have simple questions answered in the same proces... Read Article

Locked, Mandatory and Pre-filled Questions

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There are 3 options for questions in Addo Forms: Questions can be pre-filled either when making the Form template or before sending. Questions can be marked as 'Mandatory' Questions can be marked as 'Locked'. Pre-filled As a sender, you can pre-fill any answer while making t... Read Article

Public Links

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When working with Addo Forms it is by default send via mail to a single respondent and one or multiple signers. When public links is enabled on a Form template, instead of sending an invitation to a specific respondent, you will be provided with a link that you can post on a w... Read Article

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