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Addo Forms overview

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Create surveys and forms that can be completed and signed digitally.   This is the basic process behind Addo Forms: The form is created as a form template A form-based on that template is sent to a respondent The respondent fills out the form The completed form is turned into... Read Article

Form templates

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Much like Addo's singing templates, Form templates make a basic structure for your Forms that can be modified slightly before sending, to fit the individual respondent. Unlike signing templates, Addo Forms does not come with any out-of-the-box templates, since every Form is ma... Read Article

Signing Templates

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Unlike other Addo functionalities, Addo Forms require 2 different templates; one for the Form itself, and one related to the signing method. In this article we will have a look at the latter.   When a Form is created it is required of you to attach a signing template. This is ... Read Article

Addo Forms Questions

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Addo Forms allow you to ask questions that can be answered using the following methods   Text (single-line text answer) This type of question only requires a short answer from the respondent, one word or a simple sentence.    Text (multi-line text answer) If your respondent mi... Read Article

Locked, Mandatory and Pre-filled Questions

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There are 3 options for questions in Addo Forms: Questions can be pre-filled either when making the Form template or before sending. Questions can be marked as 'Mandatory' Questions can be marked as 'Locked'. Pre-filled As a sender, you can pre-fill any answer while making t... Read Article

Public Links

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When working with Addo Forms it is by default send via mail to a single respondent and one or multiple signers. When public links is enabled on a Form template, instead of sending an invitation to a specific respondent, you will be provided with a link that you can post on a w... Read Article

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