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How do I create a template?

A template is the settings behind a transaction. It means that you can create a template with attached documents, signers and choose a signing method. These settings are predetermined but can still be changed at any time.

In Visma Addo it is possible to create all the templates you need for every situation. This will make your workflow better and faster.

To create a template the user needs to be an administrator. You’ll find the setting by clicking on the settings on the top right corner. Now choose ”templates'' to the left. Here you have an overview of all your current templates. You can now either click ”Create new” og click on a template to either edit an existing template or create a new one. Most functions in Visma Addo work by using templates. That means you can create templates for both normal signing flow, secure file transfer and Addo forms.

What is Addo forms?

Addo forms is a tool that makes it possible to create digital forms. These forms can contain checkboxes, radio buttons and text area fields for the respondents. When the form is filled out Addo converts it to a PDF file that can be signed by the respondent and more.

How do I manage users?

To add more users on your account the user must have administrator rights to access the settings and choose ”users” to the left. You will find the settings in the top right corner.

When you access ”Users” it will be possible to add new users. Deleted old or existing users or simply change information for a user on the account.

What do I do if a transaction fails?

If a transaction has status ”failed” in the Visma Addo overview you have some options to check the reason yourself. Click on the failed transaction and click on ”activity log”. Here you will in most cases be able to see the reason. If you don't find the reason please contact our support by using the ”contact us” form on the page.

How do i distribute documents to e-Boks?

In Visma Addo it is possible to send notifications and signed documents in e-Boks. However, this requires a separate account in e-Boks. If your account has not yet been set up for e-Boks, please contact our support for assistance. e-Boks costs 3000 kr. in creation and extra credits for each distribution. The number of credits varies depending on the size of the document. In most cases around 0.2 credits.

Once the e-Boks integration has been created and activated in your account, it must be selected under "notifications" and "Send receipt". This can be done on the sending template itself or simply when adding a recipient.

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